Deltec Racing Team Transports the WEC Logo in VEC



Deltec Racing Team is another outfit competing in the prestigious Virtual Endurance Championship (VEC), a series hosted by SimRacing.Club on rFactor 2. At the same time this team presented the #8 Aura R18 to be driven by Csaba Kiss, Marcell Csincsik, Daniel Wizner and Jarrod van der Weide, they announced another interesting news, stating that their car would be carrying the FIA World Endurance Championship logo.

With this announcement, of course we became curious, because with the Virtual Endurance Championship being as close as a simulation of the WEC can be, well we wanted to know the details around this unusual and oustanding announcement. Therefore, we sat with Marius Van Wyk (Team Principal at Deltec Racing Team), in the Team Speak, while each one of us prepared his morning coffee.  And there we were, talking about this subject and discovering the secret around this very interesting idea of actually making possible to see the World Endurance Championship logo in a sim racing car.

“On the 7th July, I came across the idea to contact the World Endurance Championship Body (WEC), in the hope to ask permission to use the WEC logos on our Deltec Racing Team Endurance Cars”, said Marius Van Wyk. “Within the Deltec Team, we have seen a steady increasing interest in Endurance Racing the past year.

I initially sent a Facebook message to the WEC. The reply was almost instant, informing me to send an email to Juliette Colin and Vincent Dussossoy.
Juliette replied to my email, giving our virtual team the permission to use the white and blue WEC logos on our endurance cars! We are extremely happy with this arrangement! I am convinced this must be the 1st time a virtual team asked for permission to use logos on their cars.

The next step was to start the design and send to Juliette for approval.
Eventually, our great design was accepted. We are happy to present our car to the racing community! The WEC logo looks great and compliment the car!”

It’s definitely great to see the logo of such a huge competition in a sim racing car and no doubt a boost to all those that could never believe this was possible. Also, for OnWheelsTV, it’s a huge honor to sponsor this team and be alongside such distinct names.

Here is a photo album, with several photos of the #8 Deltec Racing Team Aura R18.

Photos: Officials/Deltec Racing Team/Harris Muhammad



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