We thought it good to display some of the great car renders for the various events the Deltec Team participated in.

Riaan van der Westhuizen did most of these masterful designs…

The Indy 500 Cup…


The South African Racing League, where we competed with the Ford V8’s. Ken Hunter also joined the team.


The 24hour Le Mans 1000km Eduro Race Event.


The 2007 Rugby World Cup Champions Deltec Racing Car, in celebration of South Africa who won the Rugby World Championship.

And of course, The Formula Simracing League, where both Deltec Teams participated in the World Series Ama League.


Finally, thanks a lot, guys it was great fun!!

To all the drivers who contributed to this years success and achievements:

Andre v Staden, Camilo Nino, Mitch Weirich, Marius v Wyk (Team Manager), Riaan (Iceman) Wessie, Ken Hunter & Hendrich v Rensburg

Without you guys, this season would not have been possible. I wish you the best of luck in your future careers.

Stay tuned for the next post on the final standings of the season.


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